Wild Ginger Bullet Proof – A recipe to rock your day!


I am a Coffee lover, I love the daily ritual of making it and I love that in essence, it’s a little bit naughty.  If you go for a good, high-quality, organic roast and you consume it in a healthy fashion, you can then totally kid yourself it’s a health drink & sup it up all like a Green Juice….kinda.

I do eliminate Coffee from my diet when on a cleanse or I feel my body needs to reset and needs time away from my daily hit of caffeine.  This is my personal choice and depends on which style of cleanse I’m following.

I love my own little Bullet Proof Creation!  It certainly improves my cognitive function!  The Coconut Oil provides me with healthy fats, keeping hunger away and allowing me to intermittent fast until noon. The Cinnamon stabilizes my blood sugar & stops any sugar cravings.  The Cacao is rich in anti-oxidants & Magnesium which is a huge nutrient boost for my body.  The Wild Ginger Bulletproof is the perfect pre-workout fix & I regularly have only this before a Yoga practice or Cardio workout.

Once I’ve consumed a litre of room temperature or warm water each morning (typically with fresh Lemon juice) then I hit the coffee. It is important to me for my body to be hydrated & my system awake before I drink my Coffee. I continue with Water & Herbal Teas after Coffee and throughout the day.

This recipe is my take on the infamous ‘Bullet Proof’ Coffee.  This version is Vegan-friendly & supercharged.


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Wild Ginger Bullet Proof - A recipe to rock your day!
  1. Brew the Coffee.
  2. Add all the ingredients including the Coffee to a blender and blend on high speed.
  3. Serve.
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