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I really didn’t think that one of my very first official ‘Wild Ginger’ blog posts would be on moving my entire life to the island of Ibiza.

But on the first day of 2017, that’s exactly what I did…..with La Familia!

This time last year, I had absolutely no idea that I would even be leaving the town I resided in, let alone, downing tools and heading to an island in the sun. So now I am here and I sit and write this blog from Ibiza….. and the sun is most certainly shining!

Last year (2016), just somehow ‘happened’ and big things shifted for us. We began to let go of old limiting beliefs we had and reevaluated the things we were striving for. The one thing that remained strong was that we wanted to experience something ‘different’ in our lives and we wanted our kids to grow up knowing that something ‘different’. My husband had worked hard to set his work life up so he could work for himself, work remotely, be anywhere in the world and be there for us as a family. Somehow, we were still running around like headless chickens! Weekly I was pouring all my energy into preparing for auditions and generally turning my life upside down to be so many things to so many people. Slowly but surely everyone was growing up and growing apart. Life for the kids was so fast in the UK, we felt they were missing out on the simplicity of their childhood. My health is always the big elephant in the room and I have to spread myself very thinly to fit it all in and find the right people to keep me on track. I don’t bother with scans, the NHS or seeing an oncologist currently, so I have to really stay strong to remain connected to my truth and keep myself well – in the UK it was feeling like a task instead of a way of life.

Last May just before Spikes 5th birthday, we had a ‘fuck it’ moment…..and decided to move to Ibiza. The final decision to move was quick but if I am honest the planning had started years before, not specifically to move to Ibiza but most definitely to live a different lifestyle. We wanted the freedom to travel when we wanted without a ‘9-5’ to hold us back, we wanted to be able to be there for the children emotionally and physically without the constraints of living under the ideals of conformity. We wanted to be able to work around our family life and each other and live a healthy life with freedom and creativity. So, the essence of what we wanted had always been there and we had been both subconsciously and consciously working towards it for years….it just didn’t have Ibiza stamped on it.

We had a lot of letting go to do. We had to actually let go of all the things we were connected to in order to move forward. All the things that tied us to that place we didn’t want to be. Interestingly those things didn’t actually tie us to anything, it was purely our choices that kept us there.

We worked out that we could, so we decided we must!

Everything began to align with moving here…..we couldn’t quite believe it was happening, of course, so for a long time we weren’t convinced. In Ibiza things play out with no rhyme or reason…..some things are just so simple and easy and then others are extremely complicated it almost feels made up. So many rules, but then no rules at all….. “It’s Ibiza” is something we hear A LOT.

“If the island wants you, it draws you in, and if it doesn’t it spits you out,” Someone told me this when we were planning to move and it kind of set us free from worrying about it happening or not. We didn’t want to be anywhere we weren’t meant to be and so there was no way we were going to fight for it. If it was meant to be then it would be…cliché I know, but it’s true. The doors opened and everything became possible and before we knew it we were telling family and friends that we were leaving the UK and heading to Ibiza.

Our family set up is complicated at times, depending on perspective and mindset of course. Big decisions had to be made by the girls as they were 19 and nearly 15…. This move is by far, hardest for them….but that is their story. All I will say is that they have dealt with this huge untimely, uncomfortable (albeit awesome) shift in their lives with a graceful & fearless attitude. It’s still very early days so I’m sure the ride will get bumpy, but I have a feeling it will always work out for the best. Don’t these things always?

We sold, donated, recycled & trashed ALOT of our ‘stuff’, loaded our car, attached a trailer (a trailer smattered in glitter and magic beans – a story for another time), filled it to the brim and prayed that it would hold out. We set off on January 1st over land and sea. The romantic notion of driving through France & Spain quickly dissipated when we broke down before Paris! After a little delay, the rest of the journey was spent driving very slowly, I was praying and hoping that our glittery wagon would make it to the island and the husband kept his cool and his eye on the destination. In the meantime, our beloved dog Ned sat in his makeshift car seat, surrounded by our belongings licking the window and living off leftover Christmas dinner! We looked ridiculous, slightly mad and it was clear we hadn’t thought it through.

On our journey here I text an acquaintance on the island (who is now a very dear friend to me) and said: “This journey is horrific, what was I thinking, I must be bloody crazy?!” Her reply was “Perfect, you have to be crazy to live in Ibiza so you’re heading to the right place”! GULP.

We finally arrived, later than expected – obviously already on Ibiza time – on January 5th.

Ibiza is our family adventure and even though no one knows what lies ahead, being here now feels right and meant to be. We are cherishing every moment and embracing our new life with our arms wide open.

With Love from Ibiza, Alex X

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